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iPhone 13 Pro – big camera upgrades due this year

Whether or not Apple calls its upcoming device iPhone 13 (research shows one-fifth of people would be put off by the “unlucky” name), we’re starting to see the rumor mill kick into gear ahead of its expected September launch.

The latest tidbit that passed our desk was a note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, claiming that Apple would introduce an upgraded ultra-wide camera lens this year – but only for the top-tier iPhone 13 Pro. It’s likely that any new camera features would then trickle down to the cheaper models in time for iPhone 14 the following year.

Apple’s ultra-wide lenses in iPhone 12 are no slouch, but although they add amazing versatility to your shooting opportunities, they lack the nuance and fidelity of the standard wide camera (and to some degree, the telephoto lens). Despite the impressive Deep Fusion and Night Mode, ultra-wide shots struggle in poor lighting conditions – and the current lens is fixed focus, meaning if you’re shooting an ultra-wide shot you can’t tap the screen to pull or drop the focus to another object as you can with the main camera.

An Apple press shot showcasing the possibilites of the ultra wide lens

The solution, according to Kuo, is an improved ultra-wide lens with full autofocus and a bump from five elements to six for improved picture quality. Nice additions, although those who don’t usually shell out for a Pro-level iPhone may be disappointed to miss out.

Kuo has historically been one of the better Apple analysts, with a decent track record of predicting Apple announcements and product details. That said, his recent forecasts haven’t been quite as reliable as they used to be – perhaps thanks to Apple’s crackdown on internal leaks – so, as ever, take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

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