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Music streaming service grows 48 percent, Apple Music up to 21m subscribers

Apple has lent some serious heft to overall music streaming service growth over the last year. Music industry analyst Midia has noted that 48 percent increase in service subscribers. Apple’s own user-base is up to 20.9 million, an increase of almost 4 million since we last heard on the figures from Tim Cook back in September.

Further analysis from the music press has gone on to compare the industry’s growth to that of video streaming platform Netflix, which saw just half the rate of growth at 24 percent. Of course, whether that comparison provides significance is up for debate as Netflix is a single entity. The growth of Amazon Prime, Hulu and others would likely increase that overall figure.

However, it does show a significant rate of growth for music streaming. It also notes that Spotify remains the largest provider with 43 million paid subscribers, 6.9 million for Deezer, 4.5 million for Napster, and 1 million for Tidal.

It’s uncertain whether this rate of growth is sustainable, but, following comments from Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Beats and now deeply involved in Apple’s approach to music, exclusive content is likely to be Apple’s focus to maintain growth.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was likely to launch original scripted TV content by the end of 2017 – exclusively for Apple Music subscribers.

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