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New features coming in iOS 8.3 for iPhone & iPad

Apple only released iOS 8.2 recently, but the next update has already been released into a limited public beta program. Those lucky enough to be granted early access have been revealing new features, and here are just a few improvements to look forward to when iOS 8.3 is officially released.

Siri updates

In addition to learning a number of new languages, Siri can now make a call on speakerphone. It may not sound like a big deal, but this feature has been noticeably missing from previous updates. Being able to ask Siri to “call Dad on speakerphone” will be a very welcome addition in iOS 8.3

Coupled with the “Hey Siri” command used to launch Siri when the phone is charging, this will finally make a completely hands-free call possible.

CarPlay goes wireless

Apple’s CarPlay OS previously required an iPhone to be physically connected to the car via a lightning cable. However, as of iOS 8.3 supported vehicles will be able to automatically connect wirelessly to your iPhone to make the driving experience that little bit quicker and easier.

New emoji keyboard

After many requests for a more diverse set of emojis, it looks as though the standard set has finally been updated with 300 new designs. iOS 8.3 will bring with it a more racially diverse set of emojis with skin tone modifiers, as well as some new flags and a set of icons to represent the latest new products like the Apple Watch.

Free apps without password

If you tire of having to use Touch ID or your password even to download free content, good news: iOS 8.3 will include a new option in Settings to turn off this behavior. Meaning you only have to log in for actual purchases – all free content from iTunes and the App Store can be downloaded with a single tap.

Although Apple looks to be saving their biggest new features like Beats Music and TV streaming for later in the year, we still have some distinct improvements to look forward to with this next update – expected to be released in the next few months.

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