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News Roundup – August 19, 2017

All the news that’s fit to print covering Apple, iPhones, and iPads – make sure you haven’t missed any recent news stories

1. iOS 11 on iPad

Ahead of the launch of iOS 11, Apple has just released a series of six minute-long promotional videos to explain how the big new features coming to the iPad work. Read the story!

2. Scam warning

There’s a new scam doing the rounds on iOS, so make sure you know how to spot and avoid these kinds of traps. This latest trick makes it look as though Apple is making contact through iMessage. Read the story!

3. Smart invert

iOS 11 will finally offer a ‘dark mode’ – well, sort of! A new feature designed for those with visual impairments darkens the user interface to make it easier to look at in the dark. Read the story!

4. Apple join Instagram

The iPhone is the most popular camera in the world, and Apple is celebrating that fact on its new Instagram account, as its “Shot on iPhone” campaign expands to social media. Read the story!

5. No Touch ID?

A report claims that after troubles embedding fingerprint sensors under the display, Apple has decided to ditch Touch ID entirely from the iPhone 8. Read the story!


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