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News roundup – July 16 2015

The tastiest chunks of Apple news from the last 7 days

Apple releases brand new iPods The iPod Touch line has been refreshed for the first time in three years. What’s new? Read the full story!

iOS 9 Public Beta The next iteration of iOS for iPhone and iPad has been given a public beta release for the first time. Read the full story!

Apple Pay launches in the UK Apple’s payment technology makes its way outside the US. Read the full story!

Does Apple Music break Federal anti-trust laws? The FTC is looking into Apple’s management of rival music streaming apps on its iOS. Read the full story!

Angry Birds 2 coming! The veteran iOS game is finally getting a full sequel. Read the full story!

iOS crash report scam Watch out for suspicious-sounding messages on your iPhone or iPad. Read the full story!

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