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News roundup – July 21, 2016

All the essential Apple news from the last seven days

iPhone 7 video What’s been purported to be the new iPhone 7 has been compared side-by-side with an iPhone 6s in a video posted online. Read the story!

iOS 9.3.3 Apple releases iterative update to its iOS 9 software which includes various improvements. Find out what’s been changed: Read the story!

Apple proposal Apple wants to make royalty payments simpler and even if you don’t use Apple Music to stream music, it may push prices up. Read the story!

AppleCare lawsuit Apple faces lawsuit for replacing faulty devices with refurbished models. Read the story!

iTunes Match Users put off by Apple Music’s often inaccurate song-matching feature might try it again after Apple reveals fix is on the way. Read the story!

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