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News Roundup – July 22, 2017

All the news that’s fit to print covering Apple, iPhones, and iPads – make sure you haven’t missed anything from the last week!

1. iPhone delays

According to a Chinese newspaper, mass production of this year’s new iPhones will be delayed, with the premium “iPhone 8” potentially not ramping up production until as late as November. Read the story!

2. World Emoji Day

Apple has officially unveiled some of the new emoji coming to iOS later this year, improving representation in its humanoid graphics and adding new smileys and animals. Read the story!

3. iOS 11 Cover Sheet

In iOS 11, the lock screen and notification center of old have been combined into what Apple is calling the ‘Cover Sheet,’ meaning changes to the way notifications work. Read the story!

4. Facial recognition

It’s looking increasingly likely that Apple will add some kind of facial recognition technology to its flagship device this year – what’s the deal with Apple’s “Face ID” plans? Read the story!

5. Snap Spectacles

Snapchat’s bizarre video-enabled sunglasses are now widely available for purchase. The shades record first-person video clips with a unique 115-degree circular field of view. Read the story!

6. Avoid “force quit”

Here’s the secret, folks: not only will manually closing apps do nothing to improve performance, it will actually slow down your device and waste battery life. Read the story!


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