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iOS 11 Preview: get to grips with the new ‘Cover Sheet’

One of the big interface changes coming in iOS 11 involves the way users check notifications and alerts. The lock screen and notification center of old have been combined into what Apple is calling the ‘Cover Sheet.’

This is a simplification of the old systems, and should be for the better – but there are a few quirks involved, and the process for responding to notifications is slightly different. One big benefit is the ability to customize your notifications with a greater degree of freedom, even setting different preferences for each app on your device.

If you’ve installed the iOS 11 public beta, you’ll already have toyed around with the new system – but for everyone else, iMore has put together a detailed guide to the Cover Sheet and how it operates. It’s worth taking a look to see how things are set to change in a couple of months’ time. Read it in full here.

One of the other big design changes coming soon is the new-look Control Center. For a recap of everything to expect from iOS 11, see our guide to all the new features coming this Fall.