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News roundup – March 24, 2016

All the essential Apple news from the last seven days

New iPad Apple has released a new 9.7-inch screen iPad Pro – significantly increases power. Read the story!

iPhone SE Apple’s also released a brand new iPhone – it’s a smaller model, but gains 6s features. Read the story!

iOS 9.3 The iPhone and iPad’s operating system updates, gets new Night Shift feature. Read the story!

Apple Music documentary The Score – 6-part show has been made in collaboration with Vice. Read the story!

Encryption hearing FBI postpones hearing against Apple, decides to hack iPhone itself. Read the story!

Google keyboard Is the search giant planning to release its own keyboard for iOS? Read the story!

4m iPad Pros Website predicts new tablet sales, also says iPad Air 2 will sell more. Read the story!

iPhone hack Israeli firm reportedly helping FBI to hack the San Bernadino iPhone after Apple refuses. Read the story!

Pre-order Apple’s put the iPhone SE and iPad Pro up for pre-order. Here’s out to do it: Read the story!

Apple Live Event: Everything else you missed from the iPhone & iPad announcement event from this week