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News Roundup – October 29, 2015

Essential Apple news from the last seven days

Apple TV
The reviews are in! Find out what the world’s media is saying about the new device. Read the story!

Cook’s call to investors
Find out what the Apple CEO had to say in Apple’s fourth quarter earnings call with investors. Read the story!

Carrier billing
Apple has launched a new way to pay for App Store and iTunes purchases – via carrier’s own billing system. Read the story!

Apps TV revealed
The new device has its very own App Store – but what’s going to be in it? Read the story!

Jobs bombs
The new movie based on Steve Jobs, directed by Danny Boyle has struggled. Read the story!

Apple TV Siri support
It’s a sticking point with some reviewers – but it’ll arrive soon. Read the story!

New 6s ads
Apple launches new iPhone 6s ads featuring Jamie Foxx! Watch them here: Read the story!

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