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News Roundup – September 24, 2015

All the essential Apple news from the last seven days

The reviews are in!
The iPhone 6s & 6s Plus go on sale this Friday, find out what the tech world thinks of the new devices. Read the story!

iOS 9 security flaw
Watch out for the lock screen bug – here’s what you need to know. Read the story!

Pre-order sells out
You can no longer pre-order the iPhone 6s for launch day delivery. Time for the queues to start! Read the story!

watchOS 2 released
It was delayed due to a bug but now Apple Watch users can get their hands on some super exciting new features. Read the story!

iOS 9 adoption hits 50%
Breaks records for Apple, and is broadly praised. Read the story!

Malicious Apps
Apple has to remove 300+ apps from the App Store. Read the story!

iOS 9.0.1
Apple releases a quick update to iOS 9 due to upgrade woes for some. Read the story!

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