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New $99 Apple Music gift cards essentially reduces subscription to $8.25 per month

Apple Music, the iPhone maker’s premium subscription service offering users access to 30 million-plus songs, has just become a little cheaper to use. Kind of.

As with many services, paying up front will yield a saving based on this commitment, but the $9.99 users currently pay for this Apple Music subscription is industry standard. However, a new Apple Music gift card has been launched which gives users 12 months of Apple Music for the price of the $99 card. That equals $8.25 per month, a saving of 18 percent.

There are a number of options for those wishing to get hold of these gift cards. They’re currently available from:

However, eGift cards are also available and allow instant use through a code emailed to users. These can be found online via:

UK-based users can also purchase Apple Music gift cards for £99 via PayPal Gifts.

New to Apple Music?

Don’t forget, brand new Apple Music users still get a three month entirely free trial of the service, so if you’ve not tried it out before, you can do so now via this link, before deciding whether to take the gift card option once the trial expires.

Here’s a few useful guides that can help you get started: