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Third-party accessories at Apple retail stores will soon start to look very familiar

Apple has had a hand in the redesign of a variety of third-party product packaging appearingĀ in its retail stores.

The news came via a memo to retail employees, which said new packaging would soon arrive. This packaging has been revamped in partnership with Apple and will affect products by the likes of Tech21, Sena, Incase, Mophie, Logitech and Life Proof.

Apparently, Apple has been working with these companies over the last six months to redesign boxes and other packaging so that it closely matches Apple’s.

The memo notes that packaging will follow Apple’s stark white color-scheme, alongside simpler fonts, new photography, higher-quality materials and updated labeling.

As noted on 9to5Mac, which also shows the new packaging for a Tech21 MacBook Snap Case, perhaps Jony Ive, who was recently promoted to Chief Design Officer, had something to do with it.

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