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Use Instagram? You can now share direct from the Photos app on iOS

Instagram – the photo-based social network app – has just put out a quick update which allows you to post direct from the Photos app, rather than having to launch the Instagram app first.

Previously, to upload an image to Instagram you’d have to go to the app and open it. However, with version 8.2 (which will either automatically update if you’ve got that turned on, or can be updated via the App Store), Instagram is now available through Extensions which can be accessed by tapping the share icon in the Photos app.

Sharing this way lets you post the image, complete with caption, without opening the app. However, if you want to apply a filter or use any of the editing capabilities, you’ll still need to open the app.

Not sure how to enable apps in Extensions? Go here to read our handy guide.

Once you’ve enabled the extension you can share photos and captions directly from the Photos app, as well as other photo or content apps like Google Photos.

The Instagram update has been a long time coming – Extensions have been around since iOS 8 was launched  in 2014.

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Not got Instagram yet? Give it a go and download Instagram for free on the App Store.