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Vision Pro launches Feb 2 in the US, preorders go live Jan 19

Apple has finally revealed the release date for its most ambitious new product ever. Vision Pro will hit the shelves on February 2nd, with the innovative headset available to preorder two weeks earlier on January 19th at 5 am PST.

“The era of spatial computing has arrived,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Apple Vision Pro is the most advanced consumer electronics device ever created. Its revolutionary and magical user interface will redefine how we connect, create, and explore.”

The headset looks to be a bold blend of gaming, productivity, and entertainment, wrapped up in Apple’s signature style​​. Its high-definition camera mixes digital and physical content together, with a slider to choose just how augmented you want your reality. Everything else is controlled with a user’s voice, hands, and eyes. It’s a truly exciting prospect – read our recent recap post or Apple’s full press release for more details on what to expect. Apple Store employees are reportedly receiving special training to help customers trial the device in-store.

Vision Pro debuts at an eye-watering $3,499, plus another $149 if you require prescription lenses. and is currently available in the US only. Apple says it intends to expand availability throughout 2024, with the UK, Canada, and China likely to be next on the agenda.

This first edition is not expected to be for everyone, with early sales forecasts below 500,000 units. But if Vision Pro is well received, it’s likely we’ll see wider adoption in the coming years as prices inevitably drop.