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What are the most popular Apple Watch apps? Survey reveals user favorites

A new survey by Wristly has revealed the top ten third-party Apple Watch apps based on popularity.

The findings have shown that Watch users are using a variety of specific-purpose apps, while media-consumption on the Watch remains low.

The top ten apps based on a sample of 1,300 are:

1. Dark Sky (weather app)
2. Overcast (podcast player)
3. Fantastical (calendar)
4. Uber (taxi app)
5. Instagram (photos/social media)
6. Twitter (social media)
7. Shazam (music recognition)
8. New York Times (news media)
9. (sports news/results)
10. Starbucks (coffee app)

Wristly has conducted the poll three times since the launch of the app, and the top three has remained the same. Notably, Dark Sky had almost twice as many votes as second-placed Overcast.

The survey also notes that weather apps are hugely popular on the Watch and is the most cited category thanks to other apps like AccuWeather, CarrotWeather and WeatherChannel.

To read more about the survey, including its findings about the somewhat predictably low media consumption, Wristly’s post on Medium can be found here.

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