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What to expect from Apple’s September keynote

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Apple’s September ‘Special Event’ has been on the horizon for some time, shrouded in rumors and expectations. Now that it’s almost in touching distance, we take a quick look at what to expect from the big keynote presentation taking place later today.

iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

This first one’s practically a given. Apple has released new iPhones in September since pretty much the dawn of time, and has given us an interim ‘S’ model update every other year for the last few generations. That means that while the exterior appearance will be practically the same as last year’s offerings, we’re (supposedly) due for some choice internal upgrades this year.

The new iPhones are expected to include significantly improved tech specs (A9 processors and 2GB RAM) as well as higher resolution cameras (up to 12MP from 8MP for the main camera and a whopping upgrade from 1.2MP to 5MP for the front-facing camera). They’re also expected to include the Force Touch capabilities seen in the Apple Watch and newest MacBook trackpads.

There were early rumors of a 4-inch iPhone 6C being released, but this is now looking increasingly unlikely. Apple may release a smaller iPhone model again in the future, but most reports agree that it won’t be this year.

New iPad models

It’s looking likely that we’ll see the long-rumored iPad Pro – a larger version of the iPad that further blurs the line between tablet and laptop. It’s reported to have a 12.9″ screen (that’s bigger than the most recent MacBook!) and the same internal specs as the iPhone 6S. Plus a Force Touch stylus for precision control and stereo speakers.

We’re also expecting to see an update to the smallest iPad, likely to be called the iPad mini 4. This would include upgrades to bring it in line with the specs and capabilities of last year’s iPad Air 2 – meaning it will be able to handle the split-screen multitasking features introduced in iOS 9.

Revamped Apple TV

After a three year wait, the long-awaited fourth-edition Apple TV is likely to be announced at this event. The device is expected to feature its own App Store, an impressive universal search feature and gaming capabilities. It will also have full integration with Siri and HomeKit, and feature a brand new touch-screen remote control.

It looks like Apple have designs on taking over the living room, and with plans to release its own TV-streaming service to rival Netflix in the future, and possibly even make the move into original programming, Apple TV is likely to be a big part of the presentation.

Apple Watch

With so many other announcements, there’s not too much to expect from the Apple Watch. But we should brace ourselves to hear more about watchOS 2, first demoed at WWDC and already available to test as part of a developer beta. Also Apple are due to release some new watch band designs and possible some new finishes, just to add to the level of customization already available to buyers of the wearable.

iOS 9 details

Again, most of the new iOS features were covered in depth at WWDC, and there has been a public beta program running since July. Even so, this event should mark the release of the final “GM” version of the operating system to developers, with a free non-beta release for the public likely to come a week later.

One more thing..

It has become a staple of Apple keynotes to end with an “oh, just one more thing..” surprise announcement. The element of surprise has mostly been washed away by the combinations of leaks and rumors that have been used to draw up this list – but could there be something we haven’t seen yet waiting?

You can stream the keynote live from any Apple device (or Windows 10 PC) at 10am PST – check the website When Is Keynote? to find out when the show airs in your timezone.

If watching Apple executives deliver presentations for two hours isn’t your idea of fun, stay tuned right here where we’ll be posting everything you need to know about the event over the next day or two. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, where we’ll be live-tweeting all the most important reveals during today’s show.