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Wonderfully weird ‘Goat Simulator’ now free on iOS for first time

The Goat Simulator games are well-known for embracing weirdness. It’s a nonsensical premise – you play a goat – and you have to butt, kick, lick and strut around an environment completing numerous inane and, essentially, pointless tasks.

In essence, Goat Simulator is a sandbox game – the enjoyment is in the experience of playing a goat and doing odd things, and the glitch-by-design approach only adds to the humor. It’s received rave reviews across the App Store and has spawned numerous sequels – the most recent of which is set in space, naturally.

Now, the original game, released in 2014, has gone free for the first time. It’s regularly priced $4.99 so this is a great chance to play for free if you’ve ever wondered what the fuss is all about.

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Download Goat Simulator for free on the App Store below. There’s no telling how long it will stay at this price for so be quick! Compatible with iPhone and iPad.


Watch the trailer below to see what the game is like: