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WSJ: Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone will have curved OLED – and possibly new connector

Apple will release a tenth anniversary iPhone with a curved OLED front panel this September, a report from the Wall Street Journal says. However, more tellingly, it also notes that this device will sport a USB-C connector rather than a Lightning connector.

The latter would be significant considering Apple has only just removed the headphone jack, bundling in EarPods that use the Lightning port. Of course, new buds would likely incorporate a USB-C connection. For Apple, it would make sense considering it recently launched a MacBook Pro with only USB-C ports. It would mean its flagship phone’s headphones would be compatible with its flagship laptop.

It would also mean more choice in headphones for Apple users that don’t wish to go wireless. Third-party companies are more likely to manufacture headphones with an independent USB-C port than Apple’s own Lightning connector.

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The report reiterates Apple is likely to introduce three new iPhones in September; a regular iterative iPhone 7s and 7s Plus with LCD screens, but also a tenth anniversary addition with the OLED screen.

It’s unlikely Apple’s iPhone range will be so segmented forever – the report notes Samsung will be the sole OLED supplier while Apple waits for the likes of LG and JDI to gain production capacity – unlikely until 2018. However, Samsung’s capacity can’t stretch to the phenomenal demand an entire iPhone launch would desire.

The report also references a touch zone on the bottom of the device, and a removal of the Home button.

However, there’s no mention of a 3D-capable camera – believed to allow Apple to explore augmented reality options.

It’s believed that the iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone anniversary edition – whatever it ends up being called – will see an iPhone break the $1,000 barrier for the first time.