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You’ll need Apple TV to control devices away from home with HomeKit

Apple’s recent focus on TV is bleeding into other areas of its business, which also follows its drive for continuity between devices.

The most recent example comes via HomeKit. The database that allows third-party software and hardware manufacturers to produce devices for home automation that can then be controlled via a users’ iOS device.

Apple’s drive towards TV products follows its exclusive deal with HBO, the belief that they will launch a streaming TV service at WWDC 15, and the Apple TV’s recent price reduction.

Now, it’s been confirmed that if users of HomeKit-enabled devices wish to control their homes from outside of them, they’ll need an Apple TV which will act as a gateway for external control.

The information was revealed in Apple’s newly-updated HomeKit guidelines, which come ahead of potential updates at WWDC on June 8.

We recently reported on the first HomeKit-enabled devices that have hit the market, and now Apple has added them to a list on their website, which will presumably be updated as new devices become available.

That list can be found here.

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