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‘iPhone Edition’ will launch significantly later than iPhone 7s this September

There’s been a lot of discussion concerning what Apple will call its OLED iPhone this September. Most refer to it as the iPhone 8 in a year that we’d expect to see an iPhone 7s – but now the consensus is that these will also arrive, new reports are exploring other names. The latest being the iPhone Edition.

Reported by Japanese website Macotakara, the Edition name wouldn’t be out of the ordinary – it was the name Apple gave to its premium edition of the Apple Watch when it was first launched. It’s expected that the iPhone Edition with an OLED display will break the $1,000 barrier.

But the report goes into greater detail, noting that multiple prototype models exist for the special edition model – including some with LCD panels, and others with and without the Home button. It also notes some have a new glass chassis, some an aluminum casing, and others have white ceramics. It says these prototypes are being tested alongside engineering validation testing, before it moves into design validation testing. However, due to issues sourcing materials, production is unlikely to start until later meaning it won’t be ready for the usual September launch.

It also goes into greater detail as to the screen size of the iPhone Edition, noting that though the panel is 5.8-inches, the usable screen area will be 5-inches, with the lower part of the panel reserved for a function area where virtual buttons, including a Home ‘button’ will live. It also notes that Apple is likely to continue with the Lightning connector rather than a USB-C cable.

Check out these great concept images showing what the iPhone Edition might look like. And for an idea of what we might see in iOS 11, which will accompany the new devices, watch this new concept video which shows the software in action on iPhone and iPad.