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News Roundup – April 14, 2017

These are our top iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news stories from the last week

1. Apple’s ‘secret’ plan 

Apple wants to combat diabetes, and here’s how it’s going to do it. Read the story!

2. ‘Bottleneck’ to iPhone 8 

There’s a single bottleneck that could delay the launch of the next iPhone. This is what it is: Read the story!

3. Clips hits 1m 

Apple’s brand new app has hit a million downloads but still failed to break the iTunes charts. What’s happened? Read the story!

4. “Tick different” 

Apple has sued Swatch over its latest ad slogan. Read the story!

5. Use social media?

Make sure to lock down your privacy settings. Here’s how: Read the story!

6. Wireless charging

Apple is working on a new case for AirPods that could wireless charge an iPhone. Here’s how it would work… Read the story!

7. Apple on SNL

Apple will pay Saturday Night Live on NBC to air sketches featuring and promoting Apple’s brand. Read the story!

8. Motion sensor giveaway

A new study shows hackers could steal PINs and passwords using motion sensor data. What does this mean? Read the story!


Growing number of 15″ MacBook Pro users report ‘popping’ sound coming from their laptop – via 9to5Mac

Spotify finally gets serious about an Apple Watch app – via Engadget

All three 2017 iPhones predicted to have 3GB of RAM and Lightning Connectors with faster charging – via MacRumors

Apple shows off NBC star illustrations created on iPad Pro – via iDownloadBlog