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News Roundup – April 7, 2017

These are our top iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news stories from the last week

1. New Mac Pro & iMacs 

Apple makes a surprise move and ‘pre-announces’ new desktop Macs. Read the story!

2. $1,000 iPhone 

Terrified about the cost of the new iPhone in September? New projections have been made as to how much it’ll actually cost. Read the story!

3. Workflow reimbursement 

Apple has begun refunding users that bought the Workflow app in the last few weeks. Read the story!

4. iOS 10.3.1 

Apple pushes out a new update just a week after iOS 10.3. Here’s what you need to know: Read the story!

5. Use social media?

Make sure to lock down your privacy settings. Here’s how: Read the story!

6. Apple’s premium TV bundle

Apple is reportedly working on providing a premium channel button for cord-cutters.. Read the story!

7. Apple hires new TV exec

This individual used to work for YouTube and Spotify. What might this mean for Apple? Read the story!


Under Trump tax plans, AAPL would repatriate $230b in overseas cash, see profits jump 16% – Citi – via 9to5Mac

Apple orders 92 million OLED iPhone panels from Samsung – via 9to5Mac

Mac malware grew 744% in 2016, says McAfee report, but most of it is adware – via 9to5Mac