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News Roundup – February 24, 2017

These are our top iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news stories from the last week

1. Latest iPhone 8 rumors! 

Today sees another new set of next-gen iPhone rumors – from the most reputable source so far.

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What might the 2017 iPhone look like? Concept image – credit: Veniamin Geskin

2. 3D sensing tech 

Exciting you technology is heading to iDevices. What does this mean?

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3. iOS 11 rumor 

Some of your favorite apps may not work when Apple updates its OS later this year. Get the details.

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4. Surprise Apple event 

New products to be announced very soon – important upgrades for iPad and iPhone users.

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5. New iPad ads swipe at PCs

Apple is gunning for Windows machines again – reminds us of those “Get a Mac”/”I’m a PC” commercials. Watch them now.

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7. Facial recognition on iDevices

New rumors suggest iOS devices will get a new ‘Function Area’ with facial recognition capability. What will this look like?

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Apple says iOS 10.2.1 has eliminated the majority of iPhone 6s shutdown issues – via 9to5Mac

Apple says it is ‘looking into’ viral video that shows an iPhone 7 Plus catching fire – via 9to5Mac

Tech opens new war with Trump over transgender rights rollback – via Politico

Analyst says Apple has upper hand on Samsung now more than ever – via 9to5Mac