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News Roundup – July 7, 2016

All the essential Apple news from the last seven days

Organ donation Apple is furthering its health ambitions through new features – iOS 10 will come with an update to the Health app that will make it easier for users to register as organ donors. Read the story!

iPhone storage It’s a long time coming, but the forthcoming iPhone 7’s storage options will begin at 32GB, twice that of the current base level of 16GB, reports the Wall Street Journal. Read the story!

Supplier hardball Apple has asked many of its suppliers to lower their rates, in an attempt to retain its gross profit margins following a slowdown in iPhone sales. Will they comply? Read the story!

Inner Circle Like games that are quick to pick up and hard to put down? Try Inner Circle, which has been described as Tetris for the 21st Century. Read the story!

iOS beta 2 Apple has released the second beta of the upcoming iOS 10 to developers. What’s changed? Read the story! (source: Cult of Mac)

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