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News Roundup – June 24, 2017

All the news that’s fit to print from the last week, covering all things iPhone, iPad and Apple.

1. iPhone 8 & 7S

Supplier leaks all but confirm the inclusion of a face detection and iris scanners in the upcoming iPhone 8, as well as wireless charging in all new iPhone models. Read the story!

2. Apple & Ikea

Augmented Reality is coming in iOS 11, and Apple has agreed to partner with Ikea to develop some of the first AR apps, including one to let users preview furniture in their homes. Read the story!

3. Cook & Trump

Tim Cook brought up the subject of a coding curriculum for schools when he and several other tech leaders met with the President to discuss a modernization of government tech. Read the story!

4. Jaguar & Gorillaz

Jaguar is recruiting new automotive engineers in a novel way, having teamed up with the cartoon band Gorillaz to provide a “mixed reality” code-breaking challenge for iPhone and iPad. Read the story!

5. Photo Memories

Apple has been showing off its impressive “Photo Memories” feature with an advert and tutorial combo to explain how its automatic video montage generation works. Read the story!

6. iPhone 8 dummy unit

A new video has surfaced giving us the best look yet at the size, shape and design of the iPhone 8. A short hands-on video and photoset shows an alleged iPhone 8 dummy unit alongside existing models for comparison. Read the story!

7. Sega Forever

Classic gaming company Sega have launched “Sega Forever,” which will see many of its retro titles coming to iOS for free. The first batch includes Sonic the Hedgehog and more. Read the story!