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News Roundup – March 10, 2017

These are our top iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news stories from the last week

1. CIA Cyber surveillance leaks

Wikileaks reports on a major leak from within the CIA – iOS devices are at risk from malware. Read the story!

Update: We’ve since followed up on this story – read it here.

2. iOS 11 design images

We’ve been flush with iPhone 8 rumors – but what about the next version of the operating system it’ll run – is this what it might look like? Read the story!

3. iPhone ‘Edition’ 

New updates on the forthcoming next iPhone reveals it might have a new name. But what else? Read the story!

4. New iPhone concept images 

Based on rumors there’s a very good chance the next iPhone will look like this. Read the story!

5. New battery tech

How much faster could an iPhone or iPad charge? Find out: Read the story!

6. “Transformative acquisition”

A special report on Apple’s ambitions in Hollywood – apparently Apple’s gearing up to buy a studio with some key names mentioned. What are they? Read the story!

7. How long will we have to wait?!

New reports suggest OLED panels won’t reach the whole iPhone product line until much later. When? Read the story!

8. Apple’s free app of the week

Find out what Apple’s free app of the week is this week. Download a new app for nothing! Read the story!


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