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News Roundup – March 24, 2017

These are our top iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news stories from the last week

1. New iPad! New iPhone! 

Apple made some product unveilings this week…

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The iPhone joins other speakers and accessories in the (PRODUCT)RED line

2. Introducing: Clips 

Apple also introduced a brand new app for iOS…

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3. MacBook/iOS device hybrid 

Apple just submitted an intriguing patent to the US patent office…

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The iPad version retains a trackpad

The iPad version retains a trackpad

4. Apple buys Workflow 

Apple acquires powerful automation tool – and it’s now gone free. Get it here:

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5. iTunes 12.6

Apple updates iTunes software and adds a significant new feature…

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6. iCloud hack threat

“Turkish Crime Family” attempts to extort Apple, holding user iCloud accounts ransom – demands laughable payment…

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Apple's allows users to access a range of the company's services from the Web.

7. Augmented Reality

Details of Apple’s team behind its AR ambitions revealed – some interesting names, from some interesting sources…

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iPhone concept image featuring potential AR technology, by Gabor Balogh

iPhone concept image featuring potential AR technology, by Gabor Balogh

8. AppleCare+ extension

You can get AppleCare up to a year after buying your device now.

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WikiLeaks‘ latest Vault 7 documents profile CIA’s exploits for Mac & iPhone – via 9to5Mac

Barclays analysts believe OLED iPhone 7 will still launch in September albeit in limited quantities – via iPhoneHacks

Apple responds to ransom threat: iCloud Apple ID and other systems have not been breached – via iDownloadBlog


Whatever happened to the Apple Car? Here’s how you can make your own right now