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Catch up on all the articles we’ve posted over the last seven days, including news stories as well as app announcements and the odd how-to

1. Charging speeds

Wireless charging vs. wired charging vs. fast charging. How do they all work, and which is the best? Read the story!

2. Games roundup

An overload of great games hit the App Store this week – see our pick of the five most worthy of your attention. Read the story!

3. Virtual console

Nintendo has dipped its toes into the App Store, but wouldn’t it be great if it released all the old classics for iOS? Read the story!

4. Files 101

With iOS 11, Apple finally introduced a way to view and organize all your documents. See our beginner’s guide to the Files app. Read the story!

5. YouTube PSA

The official YouTube app has been causing severe battery drain on many devices – how can you avoid it? Read the story!

6. HQ Live

A gameshow app from the creators of Vine is gaining traction, offering real cash prizes to those who can answer live trivia questions. Read the story!

7. iPhone X Plus

What would a 6.7-inch iPhone X look like? And how likely is Apple to release one in 2018? Read the story!

8. Clips 2.0

Apple updated its fun video editor with some new features, including support for immersive video selfies on the iPhone X. Read the story!