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Official Apple Smart Battery cases see significant price drop – get double the juice!

Apple products are rarely discounted, unless refurbished, but right now Amazon has some great deals on official Smart Battery Cases.

iPhone users in the U.S. can get a case in either black or white for $84.99 – a 15 percent discount on the regular price of $99. [Get the deal!]

Meanwhile, U.K. customers can get the black case for £74 [Get the deal!] – a 25 percent discount on the £99 price, and the white case for just £64.37 [Get the deal!] – a massive 35 percent off.

If you’re based elsewhere in the world these kind of deals often feature around the same time, so it’s worth checking your local Amazon website.

Apple released its first battery case at the end of 2015. Modeled on the silicone cases available for Apple’s latest devices, the battery case features an extrusion on the back which houses a battery pack that can offer an additional 26 hours internet usage, and 22 hours talk time. Pretty impressive.

Note: Apple’s Smart Battery Case is only available to users of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 – Plus users are out of luck, though that device does already contain a larger battery.

Still out of your budget? Own a Plus model? Why not check out our guide to iPhone cases across all models and budgets with handy links. Different models are available depending on your region: Go here for US, or here for UK. If you’re based elsewhere most will still ship worldwide.