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Teased iOS Theater Mode ends up on Apple Watch, but may still reach iPhone

Recently, a ‘Theater Mode’ was teased as a new feature heading to iOS in version 10.3. However, according to beta release notes for watchOS 3.2, it’s actually ended up being a feature for Apple’s smartwatch.

The mode has been tested out by beta users and can be enabled by swiping up on the Watch face to access the Control Center. Here, the user simply taps on the classic Greek comedy/tragedy mask icon. It’s as easy as enabling Airplane mode, or Do Not Disturb.

Once enabled, Theater Mode turns off the Watch’s sound and Raise to Wake function. The user will still receive Haptic feedback as this naturally doesn’t disturb others, and if they wish to activate the screen they have to press the Digital Crown or screen.

A ‘Theater Mode’ was first teased at the end of December by Sonny Dickson via Twitter, who often shares insider rumors. However, he specifically noted it would feature in iOS 10.3.

Though in many ways, the Watch makes more sense for Theater Mode – the Raise to Wake feature will be more disturbing that the iPhone’s – it still may arrive on iOS. Not only would the iPhone benefit through a quick block of incoming calls and messages, it could also provide more control over Do Not Disturb or Airplane Mode by reducing screen brightness automatically as well.

In the meantime, read our guide on Do Not Disturb – what it actually blocks, and how to enable Emergency Contacts.

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