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App Store Classics: Revisiting 16 Iconic Apps & Games

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Throughout 2022 we ran a ‘Classics’ series dedicated to seminal apps and games that laid the foundations for the App Store as we know it today.

Resident app aficionado Craig Grannell plucked a handful of brilliant breakthrough from the annuls of app history to wax lyrical about, often interviewing the creators for a better understanding of how these icons came to be. These articles really shine a light on independent developers and the influence they’ve had on the wider app landscape.

Although we’ll be continuing the series into 2023, now seems a good time to look back on ‘season one’ of App Store Classics. Below we’ve rounded up all sixteen titles that made the cut this year, most of which should be considered required reading for app lovers everywhere.

Classic Apps

Twitterific: The Twitter client that initially called updates a load of twits

Reeder: The app that taught iPhone users how to control their news – and make it look great too

PCalc: A calculator app for iPhone that truly adds up

Fantastical: When iPhone users got to make a date with a new type of calendar app

Bloom: The app that reimagined ambient music and gave you endless Brian Eno compositions beneath your fingertips

NetNewsWire: Here is the news: this was (and is) the best RSS app around

Carrot Weather: The app that provided a sunny outlook for creative weather apps on iPhone

Streaks: An app that turned you into a creature of habits – but only the good ones

Classic Games

Doodle Jump: When people argued iPhone gaming was on the up, this release took that literally

World of Goo: A game where you won’t want everything to come unstuck, lest your carefully crafted constructions collapse in a heap

Eliss: An early iPhone gem for players with a magic touch

Spelltower: We’re trying to find the words to say how good this word search game is

Trainyard: A single-screen train-based puzzler that gave your brain a railly good workout

Desert Golfing: Not keen on sand bunkers? Probably steer clear of this golf game, then

Osmos: It’s survival of the blobbiest in this hypnotic and deeply strange arcade game

Bit Pilot: An avoid ’em up perhaps better named Constantly Smashed To Bits Pilot