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Apple has released new iOS 10.3 betas – here’s what’s coming in the public release

Apple has released new versions of its 10.3 betas to registered developers. It’s the fourth beta to be released for iOS 10.3 for iPhone and iPad, indicating that the next iteration of iOS 10 will be hitting regular users soon.

Apple also released a new beta for watchOS 3.2.

A point-3 update is usually considered a major update for iOS as it marks the half-way point before a new iOS arrives in September, it generally comes with an interesting new feature or two. Last year it was Night Shift, which changed the warmth of the screen color in the evenings, and in 2015 it was some major emoji-enhancements. However, another major feature landed in iOS 8.4: Apple Music.

Here’s what we’ve learned from the latest iOS 10.3:

You will be able to track lost AirPods. Apple’s “totally wireless” headphones released shortly before the end of 2016, and unlike regular Bluetooth buds, they don’t have a neck cord holding them together. It’s no surprise that many people will have, or at least worry about losing one of the buds, but in the iOS 10.3 beta, there’s an update to the Find My iPhone app. Usually used to locate a lost or stolen iPhone, AirPods can now also be tracked. To help you find them, you can also use the app to have each earbud play a sound if they’re in range, helping users locate them.

A third-party app designed to help owners find their AirPods was recently pulled from the App Store.

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication. Apple has also started prompted users to turn on two-factor authentication with a new push notification in iOS 10.3. Two-factor authentication provides additional security to users, and though it’s still optional, this is the first time Apple has actively encouraged users to set it up via iOS. Read our guide on Digital Security 101 to learn more about two-factor authentication and how to set it up.

And here’s the latest updates to watchOS 3.2:

Theater Mode. Initially rumored as an iPhone feature, Theater Mode has appeared on the new Watch beta. Theater Mode allows users to mute sound and disable screen awakening. However, vibrations will still signal to the user that they’ve received a message.

SiriKit. Siri is about to make a significant splash on the Apple Watch, taking up some of the iPhone’s capabilities, such as ordering an Uber, sending a message alongside other requests.

When will these updates reach the wider Apple userbase? It’s almost certain to be this spring – in fact, with a rumored iPad and iPhone announcement event about to happen next month – might Apple use this event to push out the update?

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