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News Roundup – July 2, 2017

This week’s news roundup is a little different, punctuated with retrospective stories and think-pieces about the iPhone’s history and future. Don’t worry, there’s some real news in here too..!

1. iPhone 8 design

Our best look yet at the prospective design of this year’s “iPhone 8” is here, thanks to a slick video of a dummy unit built to official CAD plans. Read the story!

2. OLED supply issues

Manufacturing concerns mean it might be extremely difficult to get hold of an iPhone 8 come launch weekend in September – or the weeks after that. Read the story!

3. Happy birthday, iPhone!

The iPhone turned 10 this week, and to celebrate the anniversary several writers have taken a trip down memory lane to remember the original design. How does it hold up today? Read the story!

4. iPhone in numbers

More birthday celebrations for the iPhone – this time Recode took an interesting look at ten different ways the iPhone changed the world. Read the story!

5. Apple’s future

From the last ten years to the next, this thinkpiece examines where Apple might be headed over the next decade. Read the story!

6. VR in Maps

In iOS 11, Apple Maps looks to be getting a futuristic upgrade that will allow you to check out cities around the world by moving your device around. Read the story!