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News Roundup – September 29, 2016 – Siri-powered Apple speaker, Auto news podcasts + iOS 10.0.2 + more!

All the essential iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news from the last week

Apple Speaker Work by Apple on a standalone speaker which will house another iteration of its Siri smart assistant might be further in development than first assumed. Read the story!

Spoken Editions A new form of audio platform – the soon to be launched “Spoken Editions” will see Apple enabling users to make the best use of their time by delivering spoken versions of publisher content as podcasts. Don’t read the news, listen to it! Read the story!

iOS 10.0.2 Apple has just released an iterative update to iOS 10 to squash a couple of pesky bugs. Do you need it? Read the story!

iPhone 7 second wave The second wave of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’ global rollout has launched. A number of additional European countries and territories in the Middle East can now get their hands on Apple’s brand new flagship devices. Read the story!

Skype In its latest update for iOS, Skype, the world’s most popular web-based call app has integrated CallKit and Siri functionality. Read the story!

Phoney messages With iOS 10, Apple added a new App Store for the Messages app. Now, a clever idea utilizes the humble sticker to mess with your friends. Read the story!

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