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Everything you might have missed from the last seven days

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iOS 12 feedback

An open letter to Apple: why are you hiding away the best features of iOS 12 in a submenu? Read more

USB restricted mode

Why is Apple blocking police investigations with its latest security feature? Read more

Battery drain

Dozens of users complain of heavy battery drain in iOS 11.4. Read more

iOS 11.4.1 released

Plenty of minor updates and bug fixes in the last version of iOS before iOS 12 this September. Read more

Face password

Apple showcases Face ID in an amusing iPhone commercial based around a fictional quiz show. Read more


Prime Day 2018

Amazon is launching its yearly summer sale – see our guide to making the most of the offers. Read more

Siri Shortcuts

Hands-on with one of the biggest new features of iOS 12, Siri shortcuts. Read more

Account security

Keep forgetting your login details? See our top tips for best practices when it comes to setting and resetting passwords. Read more


YouTube Music

How does the latest music streaming service on the block compare to Spotify and Apple Music? Read more

Golf Club: Wasteland

Every wondered what sport would be like after a planet-altering apocalypse? Read more

Suzy Cube

This bouncy, colorful 3D platform game could be the App Store’s answer to Super Mario 64. Read more