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Everything you might have missed from the last seven days

News stories

HomeKit at CES 2019

A ton of companies announced support for Apple’s smart home framework at the Las Vegas trade show. Read more

Tim Cook interview

The Apple chief gave a wide-ranging interview to CNBC, in which he gave clues to Apple’s future plans… Read more

2019 iPhone concepts

Already, we’re seeing talk of what the next iPhone will look like, including leaked renders and design concepts. Read more

Phony calls

Watch out for the latest phishing scam on the block, in which con artists pose as Apple Support. Read more

Rich communication services

Apple is in talks to start supporting a new text format considered to be the follow-up to SMS messaging. Read more

Apple’s CES billboard

Las Vegas billboard touts iPhone privacy perks as it towers over rivals showcasing products at CES 2019. Read more

Kids’ screen time

A scientific report suggests parents should stop worrying about device usage. Read more


Home improvement

Avoid the lure of “time drain” apps by rearranging your Home screen. Read more

Instant markup

We show you how to annotate more than just screenshots with instant markup tools. Read more


David Bowie is…

Explore 50+ years of rock history in this digital recreation of the V&A’s iconic David Bowie exhibition. Read more


A generative music app for fine-tuning your mind and helping you relax, focus, or sleep. Read more