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News Roundup – July 9, 2015

The tastiest chunks of Apple news this week

Apple Music has driven massive iOS 8.4 adoption In just a week as many as 40% of iOS users have upgraded their devices. Tap for the story!

Third-party Apple accessories Products in retail stores are going to start to look very familiar. Tap for the story!

Home sharing The iOS feature that allows users to share their music at home has been dropped in iOS 8.4. But could it return? Tap for the story!

iPhone 6s If the latest rumors are to be believed, the next version of the iPhone could be thicker Tap for the story!

Google Maps for iOS The app gets some significant upgrades in its latest iteration including more route options and a new gallery. Tap for the story!

Judge overturns $533m payment Apple won’t have to pay massive iTunes payment… for now. Tap for the story!

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