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All the iPhone and iPad news of the last seven days, plus a reminder of the other content we posted this week

News stories

F8 announcements

Big changes coming to Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Read more

Virtual Reality

Apple is said to be developing a virtual reality headset, and it could be just the company to do a good job. Read more

Catalyst cases

Protect your iPhone, iPad, and even AirPods with these waterproof cases. Read more


Replace Facebook

Ditching Facebook? How to replace its core functions in four other apps. Read more

Declutter your device

Save space and clear up your Home screen. Read more

Password sharing

The easiest way for guests to quickly connect to your Wi-Fi. Read more

Facebook privacy

A simple guide to protecting your posts from prying eyes. Read more



A time-saving clipboard app to help you deal with images, files, and text! Read more

Upgrade your Home screen

Swap out Apple’s default apps for something better. Read more


We review the best meditation app on the App Store. Read more

Trick Shot 2

A compelling physics game made by Monument Valley 2’s lead designer. Read more

1Blocker X

One of the best content blockers on iOS has been overhauled to help improve your browsing experience. Read more


A smart, good-looking puzzle game all about memory. Read more