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Weekly Roundup – every story from the past week

Everything you might have missed from the last seven days

News stories

Chat merger

Facebook plans to link up WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger so their users can message each other. Read more

Apple’s 2019 plans

3D cameras, new iPhones, and even an update to the iPad mini – see what Apple has in store this year. Read more

Facebook Research

Facebook has been targeting teens with a surveillance app that breaks Apple’s developer rules. Read more

Earnings report

Apple’s quarterly report reveals that iPhone sales are down, but almost everything else is up. Read more

Netflix for games

According to a report, Apple is considering launching an all-you-can-eat mobile games subscription. Read more

Eavesdropping bug

Apple has had to disable Group Facetime to combat a bug that allowed users to force their contacts to answer the phone. Read more


Message notifications

Top tips for better managing your text alerts and messages in iOS. Read more

Two-faced ID

Is it possible to add another person to Face ID? Kind of! Here’s how. Read more

Fake Portrait mode

How to simulate Portrait mode-style photos from an older iPhone. Read more


Apps of the Week

A look at three of the best apps and games we found on the App Store this past week. Read more

Face Truth

One of the worst (but most amusing) apps we’ve ever reviewed. Already taken down from the App Store! Read more

Pocket Run Pool

Missed this addictive solo pool app when it launched last year? Now’s your chance to check our review… Read more