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All the iPhone and iPad news of the last seven days, plus a reminder of the other content we posted this week

News stories

157 new emoji

Unicode have unveiled the new emoji coming later this year, including an emoji first – people with red hair! Read more

Battery health

Hands-on with the new battery tracking features coming later this month with iOS 11.3. Read more

Battery rebates

Apple is considering a reimbursement scheme for customers who paid full price for a battery replacement. Read more

AirPod cases

Our favorite iPhone and iPad case makers have developed a secure waterproof casing for AirPods. Read more

No service?

Apple finally offers free repairs for a long-term iPhone 7 issue that causes service drop-out. Read more

iPhone X bug

Some users have reported a bug that stops them answering incoming phone calls on iPhone X. Read more


Email aliases

Protect your identity and avoid spam mail using this clever feature of iCloud Mail. Read more

Easy access

11 little-know accessibility hacks that can power up the iOS experience. Read more



If you value privacy and security, it may be time to switch away from Safari and onto DuckDuckGo. Read more


A physical card game that connects to an iPhone or iPad to remix pop songs live as you play. Read more

Better late than never

We look at three well-known apps you should be using if you’re not already! Read more