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All the iPhone and iPad news of the last seven days, plus a reminder of the other content we posted this week

News stories

Supplier Responsibility

Apple reveals more about how its overseas suppliers treat their workers in a new annual report. Read more

Tax scams

Newsflash: you can’t pay your back taxes with iTunes gift cards. That hasn’t stopped fraudsters from trying, though… Read more

Avoid “force quit”

Just a reminder that manually closing your apps will not improve speed or battery life. Don’t do it. Read more

Benefits of iOS

What do Android users miss most about iPhone and iPad? You may be surprised! Read more


Storage space

How to decide how much storage space to pay for, even if you don’t know what a gigabyte is! Read more

Family Sharing

How to share apps, games, and iTunes purchases between multiple accounts. Read more


Photo editors

Between them, these seven image editing apps can do more or less anything! Read more

The Sims Mobile

The bestselling lifestyle simulator comes to the App Store. Read more

Donut Dog

Struggle to concentrate? This cutesy productivity app could be just what you need… Read more

Newton Mail

With features like read receipts and an “unsend” button, could this be the best email app around? Read more

Bring You Home

A cute, random puzzle adventure from the makers of Love You To Bits. Read more