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Weekly Roundup – March 3, 2018

All the iPhone and iPad news of the last seven days, plus a reminder of the other content we posted this week

News stories

Home screen design

We take a look at creative app layouts from around the world. Read more

Security report

According to experts, Apple leads the pack by a mile when it comes to releasing security updates for its devices. Read more

Phishing scams

Don’t be fooled by the latest email scam that tricks users into giving up personal details. Here’s what we know. Read more

New iPhone ads

Apple targets Android users and photography buffs in a series of new video ads. Read more


Tracking Prevention

How Safari can help stop those annoying targeted ads “following” you around the internet. Read more

Data management

AnyTrans for iOS makes it easy to move files and photos between iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even PC. Read more

Blocking spam

Three easy ways to prevent unwanted phone calls on your device. Read more

Clips Guide part 3

The third in our ongoing series that examines Apple’s quirky video editing app. Read more

Deleting messages

How to delete messages (or entire conversations) no matter which chat app you favor. Read more