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Quickstart Guide: Getting Started With Your First iPad | iPadOS 17 Guide

If you’re new to the iPad, an app like this can be invaluable to help explain the basics. But we’ve got more than 200 tips, and it’s hard to digest so much information in one sitting.

Here, then, is a handy quickstart guide to nudge you in the direction of our most useful tips for iPad and iPadOS beginners. These are the essentials you’ll need to know; 20 must-read tips that will instantly help you get more out of your iPad.

(If you’re really new to this sort of thing, try reading the Basics chapter in its entirety instead.)

Home Screen: Welcome To The Home Screen

Cover Sheet: Notification Center And More

Control Center: Quick Access To Handy Settings

Multitasking: Use Two Apps At Once

Notes Basics: Write Or Sketch Quick Notes

Quick Notes: Jot Your Thoughts Instantly

Apple Pay: Set Up Your Digital Wallet

Low Power Mode: Automatically Extend Battery Life

FaceTime: Apple’s Video Calling Platform

Sharing Media: Send Photo And Video Messages

Privacy Permissions: Choose What You’re Happy To Share

Portrait Mode: Stunning Shots With Blurry Backgrounds

Photo Editing: Crops, Filters, Adjustments, And More

Memories: Watch And Edit Photo Slideshows

Using Tabs: Switch Between Open Websites

Reader View: Plain Text Without Distractions

Attachments: Add Photos Or Files To An Email

What is iCloud? A Simple Guide To Cloud Storage

Siri Requests: A Taste Of What Siri Can Do

Restart Your Device: A Guide To Properly Rebooting