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News Roundup – October 6, 2016 – iPhone 8 rumors already?! + Spoken Editions launched on iTunes & More

All the essential iPhone, iPad, Apple and apps news from the last week

iPhone 8 rumors Yep, already – it’s believed next year’s iPhone will return to a glass-based design. Read the story!

Spoken Editions Apple officially launches Spoken Editions – the news, in audio-form, on your device, for free. Read the story!

Viv bought by Samsung A new virtual assistant by some of Siri’s co-founders is acquired by Samsung. Is it better than Siri? Read the story!

iPhone 7 second wave The second wave of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’ global rollout has launched. A number of additional European countries and territories in the Middle East can now get their hands on Apple’s brand new flagship devices. Read the story!

Vindication? Apple’s not the only one trying to rid the world of the audio jack… Read the story!

Facebook encryption Social network significantly increases privacy protection in its Messenger iOS app– here’s how to enable it. Read the story!

Apple TV 3 discontinued There’s only one generation of the Apple TV available after cheaper option removed from stores. Read the story!

Mophie cases New line of magnetic iPhone cases let you switch out accessories. They’re pretty swish. Read the story!

Search Ads Apple rolls out ads for apps in the US – when you search on the App Store, some results will be ads. Read the story!

WhatsApp update Popular messaging app is set to add photo and video editing functionality to its iOS apps. Read the story!

Apple Pay in Russia As the great adage goes, in Soviet Russia, Apple Pay’s you. Well, not quite – but Apple’s mobile payment system just reached its tenth country after launching in Russia. Read the story!

Price drop! Want to get in shape? Popular 0 to 5k or 10k training app is currently free in the App Store