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All the iPhone and iPad news of the last seven days, plus a reminder of the other content we posted this week

News stories

Earth Day

Apple has announced a new trade-in scheme, offering store credit to customers who recycle their old devices. Read more

Cheaper iPhones

A new report suggests Apple will release four distinct iPhones this September, potentially starting from just $550. Read more

iPhone SE 2

It’s looking increasingly likely that Apple will release an updated version of its popular entry-level iPhone in the next month or two. Read more

Audio problems

Users have been reporting playback issues in iOS 11.3 when listening to music or podcasts. Read more

Sworn to secrecy

Apple promises to crack down hard on employees who leak product secrets ahead of their announcements. Read more

Cambridge Analytica

What can be done about Facebook’s recently data harvesting scandal? Can we trust the company anymore? Read more


Amazon Privacy

How to clear your browsing history to avoid targeted ads and weird product recommendations. Read more

All night long

Night owl? See our four essential tips for using your advice late at night. Read more


Cheap games

Three great games went on sale on Friday – if you’re lucky, they’ll still be discounted now! Read more


Create bespoke soundtracks for your home movies in seconds with a swipe of the finger. Read more


This app can identify any plant or flower just by looking at it through the device camera. Read more