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Weekly Roundup – 13 May, 2018

All the iPhone and iPad news of the last seven days, plus a reminder of the other content we posted this week

News stories

Google I/O

All the big announcements from Google’s developer festival, including an A.I. that can make phone calls… Read more

iPhone SE 2

Apple’s probably-soon-to-be-announced new budget iPhone is rumored to look a lot like the iPhone X. Read more

Apple Maps

Experimental drone flights are being used to improve the mapping data used for Apple Maps. Read more

iPhone 9

Rumors about the next big iPhone launch: sizes, cameras, Face ID capabilities, and more. Read more


Read receipts

How to stop people being able to tell whether or not you’ve read their messages. Read more

Water damage?

Don’t panic – make sure you know what to do if you get liquid on your device. Read more

iPad buyer’s guide

Confused about Apple’s vast lineup of different iPads? Here’s how to pick the right one for you. Read more

Facebook privacy

A simple guide to protecting your posts from prying eyes. Read more



A beautifully designed adventure platformer and one of our favorite games of the year. Read more

What’s in space?

A charming educational astronomy app for kids to learn about the solar system and beyond. Read more