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WWDC is the big story of the week, with most of our coverage focusing on Apple’s announcements at the developer conference. Take a look below for anything you may have missed, from iOS 12 to the Apple Design Awards and beyond

News stories

Security update

Upcoming changes to iOS are a boon for user privacy but a problem for police investigations. Read more

Waterproof proof

A diver found an iPhone X in a river – and it still works! Read more

Avoid “force quit”

Contrary to common belief, manually quitting your apps will NOT speed up your device. Here’s why. Read more


Custom keyboards

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Parental controls

Six ways to restrict adult content on your device. Read more

Storage space

How to decide how much storage space to opt for when you upgrade your device. Read more

Safari settings

There are a ton of internet settings in iOS – see which ones really matter. Read more


Obscura 2

Outgrown the stock iOS Camera app? Obscura makes manual control easy! Read more

Small Talk

Wish your notifications could make you smarter and more interesting? This app will send you quotes, facts, and jokes throughout the day. Read more

World Cup 2018

All the best apps to get into the spirit of the biggest tournament on the planet! Read more