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All the iPhone and iPad news of the last seven days, plus a reminder of the other content we posted this week

News stories

New iPad videos

Apple shows off its latest entry-level iPad with two videos highlighting key features. Read more

Apple’s experiments

Curved displays and “touchless” gestures are two features reportedly in development for future devices. Read more

iOS 11.4 preview

Which long-awaited features are coming in the last major update before iOS 12? Read more


Charging FAQ

We look at the differences between wired, wireless, and “fast” charging for iPhone and iPad. Read more

Gmail guide

Six lesser-known productivity hacks for Google Mail. Read more

Battery health

How to use the new battery checkup features in iOS 11.3 to keep your device healthy. Read more


OmniOutliner 3

A powerful outline creation tool to help with making plans. Read more

Mood tracking

Four great apps to help you keep track (and eventually improve) your moods. Read more


A smart AI-driven travel app that can help you pick your next vacation. Read more


A smart, feature-rich sleep tracker to help you get a better night’s rest. Read more