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Weekly Roundup – 28 July, 2018

Everything you might have missed from the last seven days

News stories

Back in black

Apple chooses its favorite apps with a ‘dark mode’ – what does that mean for the future of iOS? Read more

Piazza Liberty

A gorgeous new Apple retail store has opened in Milan, bringing community events to the piazza. Read more

New iPad Pros

We’re expecting updates to the iPad Pro range before the end of 2018, with smaller bezels and Face ID. Read more

[Premium] 2018 App Awards

We picked ten lesser-known apps from the past year we think excel in design and usability. Read more

3-in-1 charging

Cable makers Anker just released a super-convenient new charging cable for all your devices. Read more

iOS x MacOS

Is Apple really planning One Device To Rule Them All? And if not, why are its two platforms merging somewhat? Read more

Photography Awards

The 2018 iPhone Photography Award winners have been announced, and they’re stunning. Read more



Using 1 Second Everyday to make a video complication of every Instagram post you’ve ever made. Read more


How to stop your display automatically dimming throughout the day. Read more

Monochrome mode

Try this sneaky productivity tip to quickly make your device a little less distracting. Read more

Memoji preview

We look ahead to iOS 12 with this explainer on how to use the new Memoji feature. Read more


Moment Camera

Could a new app from a popular lens maker replace the default Camera app? Read more


This new app adds charming cartoon-style movement to your still photography. Read more


What could be more relaxing than assembling a jigsaw puzzle? Disassembling a jigsaw puzzle. Read more


Add some moving visual effects like fire, lightning, or rain to your photos. Read more

Get cooking

We pick our three favorite cooking apps to help find and create amazing recipes. Read more